A selection of recent visits

I haven’t been so good at keeping this blog up to date. My intention was to do a blog entry at least every other day. Now that I have said that lets see if I can keep it up. There are a few places I want to mention that I have been to recently, don’t worry I didn’t go to them all on the same day!

Yesterday I went to Istanbul Cafe which is right next to Great Portland Street Station. It is a lovely little Cafe, perfect for a quick lunch meet up. I had a Chicken Kofte Wrap and salad. The wrap actually comes with chips, but I asked for salad with it instead as the wrap itself is so filling and delicious. The staff are all very friendly and attentive, even during the lunch hour rush. It is also a lovely place to go for drinks and snacks in the evening.

Another place I went to recently is the Rosewood Hotel ‘Scarfes bar’ by Holborn station. It is a bar at the luxury hotel, unfortunately I was not staying there, my friend just took me there for tea and cake. There is no need to book, which I was quite surprised about. It is very grandly designed with beautiful attention to detail. There are big paintings and cartoon style illustrations on the walls, the lighting is soft due to the fireplace and gold leaf lamps. I loved the glamorous yet relaxed atmosphere and the cheesecake was also yum!

Last place I want to mention today is Lowlander Grand Cafe, a Belgian style pub, which is between Holborn and Covent Garden station on Drury Lane. I went to Belgium a couple of years ago and especially loved their cafe style pubs/bars/drinking places where you can sit on a table and order your drinks and snacks and enjoy the grandly designed establishment. This place is just like that and has the same feel as an authentic style Belgian cafe. You can order various flavours of beers, from honey to strawberry, mmmm. We only had drinks there, but they also serve food. I will definitely be returning there for a meal.

That’s all for now. Apologies for the limited number of photos, but hope the words can help you form a picture!

Lowlander Grand Cafe, Belgian style!
Rosewood hotel tea
Look at the beautifully presented cheesecake at the Rosewood Hotel
Rosewood hotel lights
Luscious lights of Rosewood Hotel


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